Who are you?

Sterre Loots, 25 years old, living in Amsterdam.

How did you start at ODMedia?

During my Master degree, William (CCO) gave a presentation about ODMedia. At that moment I thought, I should keep this company in mind once I graduate! After graduating I decided to send ODMedia an open application and I quickly received a response from Sjef (the CEO & founder). He invited me to meet each other at the office to get acquainted. This was in September 2021 and based on that initial meeting I could start right away on November 16th.

What is your educational background and previous work experience?

I first completed my Bachelor in Creative Business, followed by a Master degree in Media Innovation. During my studies, I worked at the marketing department for Best Global Logistics. Here I was involved in the developed of the complete corporate identity for both internal and external use.

What is your job description?

I first started at ODMedia in the marketing and business development department. I was responsible for developing and setting up campaigns, online marketing and online strategy.

During my first months at ODMedia I also started getting involved with projects for the SVOD and TVOD department. This department is responsible for the aggregation of films and series. Furthermore, we ensure that the best position on the platforms is attained. These tasks now also fall within my current function within the field of SVOD and TVOD.

Takes us through a working day:

I coordinate new films and series on a daily basis. The most important element is to correctly implement data and to devise strategies on how we can achieve the best visibility while presenting new films to the platforms. This means that we are in close and often daily contact with both our clients and partners, and the platforms themselves.

What do you see as (a) challenge(s)?

In my opinion the main challenge within my job, is to ensure that we get the best position and visibility on the platforms for our titles locally and worldwide. It is important that we have the right arguments and information to convince these platforms. In addition, we always try to think in new possibilities and strategies to achieve this goal (visibility).

Do you have any tips for people considering to work at ODMedia?

If you like movies, you’ve come to the right place! Being able to handle the pressure that comes with strict planning and thinking ahead is important to ensure that all data is properly implemented. That is of course specific to my department.

Which key competences are important within your job?

Communication with customers and platforms, customer focus, flexibility & planning.

• Communication with customers is important to always be aware of release dates/changes and new future titles. This requires a proactive attitude.

• Communication with the platforms is important to achieve the best visibility/present titles in order for them to be selected.

• Being customer oriented is important. Together with the content owner you need to work together in order to get the most out of a digital release of a film/series.

• Flexibility and planning are important because dates and/or films are changed or canceled on a daily basis. This requires adaptability, planning and quick action both internally (teams/departments) and externally (platforms).

Do you have any hobbies?

I play professional hockey 4 times a week in Amsterdam. I also enjoy cooking and photography.

What is your personal motivation?

· I think you can always keep developing yourself and get to know new sides of yourself and therefore always surprise yourself!

· Teal Swan, a writer that inspires me because she gives insights into why people are the way they are and behave the way they do. I find that very interesting and gives me a lot of personal insights

· I am proud of who I am and see that I always open to continue to develop as a person.

So imagine you are 70 years old, what would you like to look back on?

When I’m 70, I mainly want to be able to say that I did the things that made me happy and can give advice; stand tall for who you are, and above all do something you like, because you only live once haha.

How would you describe ODMedia:

· Free spirited, a family atmosphere, positive, relaxed.

· OD’s corporate culture is very open, free and positive. That’s what I immediately noticed when I first came to the office, and that really appeals to me!

· I hear that the company parties are legendary, but haven’t attended one yet due to the pandemic. But this year seems to be thé year for it!

In summary:

If you want to continuously learn and keep developing yourself, love films and series, and are looking for a pleasant and open atmosphere within a company, then you feel right at home at ODMedia!