ODMedia Group acquires IN2IP

The ODMedia Group announced that it has acquired IN2IP, an enterprise managed hosting company. Dirk-Jan Wemmers, former owner of IN2IP, has joined ODMedia as a shareholder and will become part of the Management Team.

Tim Koeleman (CTO ODMedia): “ODMedia has relied on IN2IP’s expertise for our networking and storage needs for a long time now and I am thrilled we are now able to integrate this team of smart guys into the company.

We are currently migrating to a new and modern media workflow and media asset management solution, so the timing is perfect.

Furthermore, we are planning to launch a broader managed services package for our customers, based on Microsoft’s Azure platform, using IN2IP’s experience.”

Dirk-Jan Wemmers (IN2IP): “This step enables IN2IP to have an even more solid foundation to build upon. By leveraging the synergy gains we are able to accelerate our growth while retaining customer focus; and by welcoming ODMedia as our shareholder, business continuity is secured for the long term, both for existing and new clients.”

Sjef Pijnenburg (CEO ODMedia Group): “ We have been working with IN2IP for over 10 years and by acquiring them, we are able to offer their tailored services for the media industry within our market. Our industry has its own set of technical challenges when it comes to creating, hosting, streaming and delivering video. Because IN2IP operates at the cutting edge between hosting and media technologies and has been doing so for many years, they are able to offer proven services that support your profitability instead of cutting into it.

With the acquisition, we are also adding a team of experienced media professionals. As we are growing fast on a global level, this team is very welcome!

After launching our creative agency Deck40 (deck40.com), IN2IP is another large addition to ODMedia Group’s portfolio of services.  Our service portfolio is built to assist rights holders in their global video distribution in every possible way.»

About IN2IP:

IN2IP is a managed hosting and consultancy organisation which focuses on tailor made solutions. Founded in 2004, it is currently headquartered in Leiden, The Netherlands, and operates its own network across Europe with sites in Amsterdam (3x), Hilversum (2x), Utrecht, Paris and Madrid. It offers a broad range of traditional and hybrid hosting solutions, where continuity is always a given and not an afterthought. IN2IP has a diverse customer base, ranging from clients in the entertainment industry to clients in the financial sector.

About ODMedia Group:

With a head office in the heart of the Netherlands (Utrecht) and local representation in Barcelona, Stockholm, Brussels and Moscow, The ODMedia Group is a leading provider of digital media services and has strategic partnerships with all global OTT platforms. Since 2004, we’ve provided a one-stop solution which makes sure your content is in the right format, in the right place, at the right time.

ODMedia, the media-processing division, regularly delivers content to over a 1000 operators around the world. Our services include encoding, managed OTT services, timed text creation, editing, IMF and DCP mastering. Besides digital delivery services, ODMedia is active in the world of aggregation through DoCo Digital, copyright management and anti-piracy through Expoza and key-art design through Deck40.  Click here for a group overview.

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