UTRECHT, The Netherlands/ AMMAN, Jordan: The independent film and TV production and distribution company, Arab Telemedia and the Dutch content services and processing company ODMedia announced today they have signed an aggregation and distribution agreement offering audiences unlimited access to Arab Telemedia’s exclusive movie titles. With this agreement, viewers in 150 countries will be able to preview Arab Telemedia’s 75 never-before-seen movies on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

In addition to offering the full range of technical-delivery services, ODMedia acts as an aggregator for the major platforms, providing digital-rights management, monetization, target audience development, and cross-promotion.

Commenting on the agreement, Talal Al Awamieh, Arab Telemedia’s CEO explained, „Today’s agreement promises to deliver a whole new range of exclusive movies to audiences around the world. We are confident that by joining forces with ODMedia, we will be able to reach an even broader demographic.”

„We are excited to be working with Arab Telemedia on this groundbreaking agreement,” said Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO and Founder of ODMedia. „We look forward to sharing Arab Telemedia’s riveting movie content with audiences globally by utilizing our content partnership with global platforms.”

This agreement is the most recent in Arab Telemedia’s list of activities, with plans to offer audiences more services and content in the near future.

„Sharing time-transcending stories from Arabia remains at the core of our mission. We started making our content available on major online stores five years ago on iTunes for English-speaking audiences. Our goal today is to continue to expand our audience base,” Al Awamleh continued.

To that effect, Arab Telemedia is looking forward to announcing the launch of its SVOD service and launching more free channels on its social media networks within the next few months.

About Arab Telemedia: 

Founded in 1983 by producer and director, the late Adnan Al Awamleh Arab Telemedia is a pioneering film making, producing and distribution company led by Talal Al Awamleh. As a one-stop destination for film and media services, Arab Telemedia stands at the forefront of delivering quality content that perpetuates the region’s message of peace, love, and coexistence. With countless blockbuster releases in its portfolio in addition to one of the largest in-house libraries in the Middle East, Arab Telemedia works with acclaimed cast, crew, and companies to keep audiences engaged with award-winning content.

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