Whitepaper Video on Demand: ‘From TVOD to SVOD to AVOD’

There are opportunities for Dutch providers and content makers when it comes to Video On Demand (VOD). But in order to counterbalance the major international players in terms of distribution, cooperation and creativity are needed. That is stated in the white paper „From TVOD to SVOD to AVOD” by ODMedia and Media Perspectives. With the piece they want to stir up the discussion about the future of TV and video.

VOD is a rapidly growing market. Especially in the area of ​​subscription services a lot is going on. For example, Disney + was recently launched in the Netherlands, and other players like Apple TV + are eager to enter the Dutch market. According to the white paper, this busy market offers room for another business model, Advertising-based Video On Demand. According to the white paper, AVOD is going to be the next driving force behind VOD’s growth.

In the area of ​​distribution, cooperation is therefore necessary, the white paper states, but that is not the only thing. There are also opportunities on the content and production side. For example, it is possible for € 20,000 to translate a film or series into 6 languages ​​and to release it in 180 countries. Those films and series will then have to have a global character and appeal. Marketing is also crucial, says the white paper. „It is not enough to be available on all platforms, you also have to be found.”

In the coming ten years much will change in the field of Video On Demand. The white paper foresees a further shift from traditional TV to subscription services (SVOD) and ad-based platforms (AVOD). In addition, the traditional „windowing” (in which films and series move from one window to the other in a fixed rhythm, such as with cinema films), will disappear completely.

You can read more in the Whitepaper you can find here

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