ODMedia, the international provider of digital media services and content licensing, announced today they are partnering with BuzzShow Network, the video social media decentralized multi-platform which incorporates blockchain technology in a reward-based ecosystem, to create a video non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.

BuzzShow Network NFT marketplace will offer ODMedia’s clients via BuzzShow decentralized blockchain platform a unique system dedicated to video NFTs. The integration into BuzzShow Network will allow content creators, video, animation, and character rights holders to offer their content for sale, rent, and/or license in a one-shop stop. It will give them complete control over their content while maximizing their profit.

NFTs are unique crypto tokens that have become increasingly popular among digital artists, gaming companies, and investors. They are digital assets representing real-life objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. They are bought and sold online, mostly with cryptocurrency, and are encoded using blockchain technology.

„As we continue to position ourselves at the forefront of the global digital media and entertainment marketplace, partnering with BuzzShow Network to create a video NFT marketplace is a natural step forward,” said Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO of ODMedia. „This can open up a new source of revenue and user engagement for our clients.”

„As a pioneer in the field of the full-cycle reward-based video platform, BuzzShow Network vision was always to facilitate an easy-to-use, complete, and fair system that maximizes rewards for creators and curators.” Added Offer Kohen Founder of Buzzshow Network „ODMedia’s international reach and in-depth experience with content rights is a perfect partner to help make BuzzShow NFT marketplace a success.”

BuzzShow Network was built with a license and revenue share mechanism for curators, giving value in real-time to each video available on the BuzzShow Network. NFT is a very natural next step that will complete the rich suite of rewards and monetization options already in use on BuzzShow Network.

BuzzShow Network uses a P2P decentralization and a unique social media experience for users, who can earn Goldies (GLDY), the platform’s native utility tokens, by creating, curating, sharing, viewing, and streaming video content. And unlike other social media platforms, users retain full privacy, ownership, and control over their video content within the social media space.

ODMedia acts as an aggregator for the major platforms, providing digital-rights management, monetization, target audience development, and cross-promotion. It also manages linear and non-linear channel playout for TVOD/EST, SVOD, and AVOD as well as offering the full range of technical-delivery services.

About ODMedia

With its headquarters in the heart of the Netherlands and offices in Spain, Nordics, Germany, United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Poland, Belgium, and the MENA region, ODMedia is a leading provider of digital media & aggregation services and has strategic partnerships with all major global OTT platforms. ODMedia has been awarded 'preferred partner’ status by Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon and is an award-winning Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner of the Year 2019 – EMEA (high volume), recognizing its ability to provide one of the lowest redelivery rates.

About BuzzShow Network

BuzzShow Network is a blockchain-based platform that has been conceptualized and developed for the last three years. Beta launched, it currently has millions of videos searchable and indexed into the platform. BuzzShow Network is a blockchain-based reward-centered social video platform launched on Beta. It provides its users full control of their content and monetary incentives for creating, curating, streaming, sharing & viewing videos with BuzzShow Goldies (GLDY), BuzzShow’s native crypto-currency. BuzzShow Network aims to become a leading fully decentralized blockchain platform that will enable users to receive economic gains for every action they do. A sophisticated proof of contribution mechanism built into the platform generously rewards all contributors, without the negatives associated with legacy, central control social media platforms, lack of equitable revenue sharing, biased regulations, and abuse of user data/infringements of user data privacy. A Non-Profit Foundation manages BuzzShow.

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