UTRECHT, Netherlands ODMedia Group, the international content services and processing company for on-demand media, today announced the official launch of its new branding and corporate name. The new branding unifies the parent company and its broad service divisions under one name and brand and reflects the company’s vision of transparency, clarity, and maximum service.

Effective immediately, the company will now begin to refer to itself under the new corporate name, ODMedia. The company’s service divisions, Do & Co Digital and Expoza, will now become ODMedia Aggregation Services, and Deck40 will be integrated into ODMedia Lab.

„…our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience to our clients remains as strong as ever. We have streamlined our services and outward communication to be better suited to meet the complex challenges that come with the processing and aggregation of content in all forms,” said Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO of ODMedia. „What this means for our clients is that we are making it even easier to provide them with our first-rate personalized service and offer them a one-stop solution for all their digital business.”

„Fueled by the growing demand for new media solutions, ODMedia has experienced exponential growth in the last couple of years,” said William Linders, COO of ODMedia. „We’ve created an ecosystem that can assist content owners and right holders at every stage of their business, thus becoming a total cyclic solution for every type of content out there. With all the expertise under one roof, it’s time for us to march under one brand.”

Over the last 15 years, ODMedia has become a bristling global content aggregation and media services company that delivers to all platforms worldwide and has preferred partner status with the likes of Apple, Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, amongst many others. A content owner can come to ODMedia for a high grade encrypted DCP, ingestion and outputting to platforms, as well as rights management on YouTube and other channels. ODMedia can advise contracts, and other commercial activities, property design, website or media campaigns, and even take care of global releases.

About ODMedia:

With its headquarters in the heart of the Netherlands and offices in Spain, Nordics, Germany, United Kingdom, South-Africa, Poland and Belgium, ODMedia is a leading provider of digital media & aggregation services and has strategic partnerships with all major global OTT platforms. ODMedia has been awarded ‘preferred partner’ status by Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon and is an award-winning Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner of the Year 2019 – EMEA (high volume), recognising its ability to provide one of the lowest redelivery rates.

In addition to offering the full range of technical-delivery services, ODMedia acts as an aggregator for all global OTT platforms, providing digital-rights management, monetization, design, target audience development and cross-promotion. It also manages linear and non-linear channel playout for TVOD/EST, SVOD, SVOD Channels, AVOD and AVOD Channels.

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