YouTube phenomenon Saskia’s Dansschool (5.5 million subscribers) is joining forces with ODMedia Group.

Saskia decided to upload her first YouTube dance routine 3 years ago. Now, Saskia’s Dansschool is one of the largest Dutch YouTube channels with more than 5.5 million subscribers and more than 1.4 billion views worldwide. It is therefore the moment for a new step in the success story of Saskia’s Dansschool.

Years ago, Saskia van Dijk was inspired to take the step to YouTube. More than 1.4 billion views later, Saskia’s Dansschool is a household name for many children and parents who dance and swing on a daily basis to the inviting uplifting choreographies performed by professional teachers and other children. Not only in the Benelux, but also in regions such as South America, the Middle East and Asia, the children dance along. Saskia’s Dansschool receives dozens of films that are submitted by followers on a daily basis.

It is a positive challenge for the founder to be able to provide children with more specific choreographies that they can imitate. Saskia van Dijk, Saskia’s Dansschool “Creating choreos for children that are easy to follow on YouTube is a weekly challenge that we enjoy working on. We work with children in the dance school every day and now know how to make the transition to YouTube and social media.”

Saskia’s Dansschool aims to get children to play sports and dance on YouTube. Through the YouTube choreos, children quickly notice that they can and do dance lessons and enjoy them. “Thanks to the collaboration with Expoza, we can continue to develop digitally on the networks where we are already present, YouTube in particular. The combination of knowledge and technology from Expoza means that we are convinced that we can offer our followers even more pleasure and add more interactive components.”

Sjef Pijnenburg, Expoza “We represent the largest Benelux YouTube network in the field of children and are therefore incredibly proud that we can also welcome Saskia into our rapidly growing network. As specialists in launching, expanding and curating children’s channels, we are very much looking forward to helping to further expand her beautiful message and also to provide her with strategies for the further ambitions of, among other things, digital distribution.

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