“ODMedia has helped us enormously building the Eredivisie archive, comprising of around 1.000 memorable football moments from the Netherlands and unique in the world. ODMedia is an enthusiastic, flexible and pragmatic partner, always looking for new opportunities to make the Eredivisie brand bigger and more beloved.”

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Eredivisie archive on YouTube

The ‘Eredivisie CV’ is the highest echelon of Dutch professional football. Founded in 1956, the league celebrated its 60th anniversary in the season 2016-2017. To celebrate this, Eredivisie wanted to share something with football fans from the Netherlands as well as with fans from abroad: the greatest football moments from the past 60 years. For the launch of the biggest YouTube archive in the football world, Eredivisie started a cooperation with ODMedia in September 2016.

For this project, every club that has played in the Eredivise over the past 60 years was asked to select their most memorable moments. Based on this input, we have been searching and collecting this footage in the archive of The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and public broadcaster NOS. Unique material consisting of full matches, goals, player portraits and many other items have been gathered and delivered to us.

ODMedia processed the files and performed a quality check on both the audio and video; in the following step the files were edited for YouTube. In total we have processed 1100 files from 53 clubs. This resulted in a total of almost 1.000 videos for 32 official Eredivisie branded YouTube channels. Our designers developed the concept for the complete artwork (including headers, icons, thumbnails, end cards and in-video branding) which was adjusted and incorporated in alignment with the new Eredivisie branding that was released earlier this year.

We set up a channel for each of the 31 clubs that currently play in the Eredivisie. Videos of clubs that no longer exist, are published on the Eredivisie Archive Home Channel. This channel also features documentaries, a selection of 100 of the best moments of all clubs, and much more.

In addition to publishing the Eredivisie archive, Expoza also takes care of the copyright protection of this footage on YouTube. We (manually) search for illegal uploads and as a next step claim and monetise these for the Eredivisie. We take care of copyright issues and direct viewers of ‘illegal uploads’ to the official Eredivisie Archive Channels through a campaign.

For the launching event on September 1st we created an advertisement which was featured as a Masthead on the homepage of YouTube in the Netherlands. We also created a trailer which was used during the launch at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and which is featured on the 32 official Eredivisie Archive Channels as a Channel Trailer.

Expoza will continue to manage the Eredivisie Archive Channels and add new videos based on input of the clubs and the fans.

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