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ODMedia provides a one-stop solution which makes sure your content is in the right format, in the right place, at the right time. We connect content owners and platforms to deliver content to viewers on any screen around the world. We take care of all different technical requirements, which allows you to focus on your core activities. We offer services covering the entire video content lifecycle; from the creation of a Digital Cinema Package to the technical delivery to OTT platforms and broadcasters.

Besides our office in Utrecht, The Netherlands, we have an office in Stockholm, Sweden and local representation in Belgium, Germany (Cologne), United Kingdom (London), Spain (Barcelona), Poland (Warsaw) and South Africa (Cape Town) from where we can handle content processing as well.

Our offices

Utrecht, The Netherlands (HQ)
Leuven, Belgium
Barcelona, Spain
Stockholm, Sweden
London, United Kingdom
Cologne, Germany
Johannesburg, South Africa
Warsaw, Poland

We’ll help you out technically

We provide all necessary media services, preparing your content for delivery to all platforms. From ingest and QC to localization, design and encoding. ODMedia Group is a preferred supplier for iTunes, Amazon and Netflix. At the moment there are only 8 companies worldwide that have this status.


We’ll help you out commercially

We jointly create a distribution strategy to achieve maximum reach and revenue through smart windowing. We pitch your content to all local and global platforms, negotiate a deal, make a contract and take care of reporting and payments. Specifically for social platforms, we can also manage your entire channel.

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