Where can ODMedia deliver my assets?

ODMedia can deliver your assets on a technical basis to all major OTT platforms, such as iTunes, Netflix, Google Play, XBOX and Amazon. All in all we are connected to more than a 1000 outlets worldwide. This includes local IPTV/Cable operators, broadcasters and cinemas in addition to OTT.

What do I need to deliver to ODMedia if I want my content to be available on OTT platforms such as iTunes and Google Play?

– Video
– Trailer
– Subtitles
– Metadata
– Artwork

The specifications depend on the platform → download specsheet

I don't have all assets, can ODMedia assist me?

Of course! ODMedia can for example create trailers, subtitles in any language and resize and create artwork for all platforms. Contact us for more information.

How long does it take before my assets are delivered to OTT platforms such as iTunes and Netflix?

We recommend to deliver all assets to us at least 3 months before the EST/VOD release date. It will take us up to 1 month to process all materials for delivery. Processing time can increase if we find any errors that can’t be fixed and need to request new materials. It can take the platforms up to 1 month to QC and process all materials. For iTunes, there is an option to place your title as a preorder 1 month before the actual release date. In case of a preorder, only the trailer, artwork and metadata need to be delivered upfront.

I own the worldwide rights and want my content to be available on iTunes worldwide. Which materials are required?

Next to the feature and trailer we need subtitles, localized artwork and a translated synopsis for each language. With only a English language version you can for example deliver to +/- 50 iTunes stores. Some countries have special requirements, such as Japan which we need a feature and trailer with burnt-in subtitles for and the United States which require Closed Captions. Of course, we can assist you with the creation of all different language versions. Contact us for all specific requirements per territory.

I need a commercial aggregator for delivery to global OTT platforms such as Netflix and iTunes, can ODMedia assist me?

Yes we can! We are the preferred aggregator for all major OTT platforms. We handle the operational, editorial and financial processes for you with the leading digital platforms and retailers.

Does ODMedia also take care of marketing and promotion for my film?

ODMedia has close connections to the editorial teams of the digital retailers and always tries to give your film as much exposure on the stores as possible. All off store marketing and promotion needs to be done by you, the content owner. Of course, we can assist in developing and executing marketing- and price strategies.


I want to enable my potential customers to watch my content in a secured environment, can ODMedia assist me?

No problem! ODMedia can create a customized, branded screening enviroment for all your assets, making screening easy and accessible. We can safely lock the desired content with a login and watermark your screeners for extra security.

I want to protect my content on YouTube, can ODMedia assist me?

Yes, we are a fully certified YouTube partner in Digital Rights, Audience Growth and Content Strategy. We help content owners to protect their copyright, monetise their YouTube content and build a complete YouTube strategy.

How does ODMedia store my assets securely?

We use Azure Cloud Storage for most of our media archiving. Azure is the first – and so far only – hyper scale, multi-tenant public cloud to successfully complete the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) audit. This is additional to the existing portfolio of more than two-dozen industry standards and certifications, including the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA) and Content Protection and Security (CPS) Standard. Security of your files is our number one priority. With Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage, your media will be secured from the moment it leaves your computer through storage, processing and delivery. Azure infrastructure is resilient to online attacks and keeps your media secure through encrypted communications and threat management. ODMedia has developed client software so you always have secure access to your assets.