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The ODMedia group supports content owners in the worldwide distribution of their content. We take care of the delivery of their films and series to worldwide VOD platforms such as Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. We also support our customers on the commercial side of things with our Doco Digital aggregation branch.

Another part of the ODMedia Group is Expoza. Through the services of Expoza, we assist our clients in first detecting and then monetizing or blocking illegally uploaded content to YouTube. We also have a creative department, Deck40, that can facilitate your design from a cinematic poster to an iTunes package or landing pages for your commercial campaigns.

In short we do everything that has to do with entertainment content in every form, type and platform.

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Mipcom 2019

ODMedia Group is attending MIPCOM. With our services, we reach every corner of the digital world and can help you with your content wishes.

Having been awarded the Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Partner of the year 2019 (High Volume) and being an iTunes preferred partner means we are in the Champions League of elite media fulfillment companies. We also are partners with Amazon, YouTube and other platforms that value the premium quality we provide our clients and our platforms. Do you want to meet up at MIPCOM? Please let us know. This year the attendees are:


Sjef Pijnenburg – CEO & Founder
William Linders – CCO


Helmut Ramak


Yives Reed
Anita O’Donnel
Viveka Nilsson
Luise Jansen
Anna Öhgren

If you want to meet up or would like to hear more about ODMedia Group and how we can grow together, let us know:

Head Office Utrecht
Dekhuyzenstraat 40
3572 WN Utrecht
The Netherlands

t: +31 30 28 000 63
e-mail us at: info@odmedia.com or first name + @odmedia.com
website: www.odmedia.com