Premium Ad sales

At ODMedia, we specialize in connecting your brand with targeted audiences throughout the Benelux region, utilizing our curated ad inventory on CTV and other digital platforms. As experts in ad sales through our Google Ad Manager partnership, we strategically place your advertisements to captivate key demographics including sports enthusiasts and young families engaging with premium content.

Our approach ensures a brand-safe environment that enhances your brand’s presence and viewer engagement on sought-after digital platforms. We offer precise ad placements that optimize campaign results, making every ad slot a significant opportunity to resonate with your specific audience. Simplifying the complexities of ad sales, we provide advertisement access to our extensive network and inventory, ensuring your message is impactful and reaches the right viewers at the perfect moment.

Capitalize on our expertise to establish your brand as a key player in the digital and broadcast media landscapes of the Benelux. With ODMedia, you gain not just visibility but also deep connections and relevance in the realm of broadcast content. Whether it’s capturing the excitement of live sports or the imagination of children with premium programming, let us position your brand prominently on CTV and other effective platforms, where quality content meets engaged audiences.

Ready to amplify your brand’s reach with precision-targeted advertising? Connect with us today to explore the possibilities and start making a significant impact with ODMedia. Your audience is watching—let’s make sure they see you.

Want to know more?

ODMedia represents the largest exclusive sport broadcast reach in the Netherlands. Reaching 93% male viewers with 63% in the age group of 18 to 34.

Through our sports network you have direct access to the most engaging sports competitions out there. Reaching fans and the audience you are looking for.

We can guarantee, within our network, premium sports content with 100% brand safety in mind and guaranteed delivery to viewers.

Our network is open to alcohol and betting advertisers, focusses on CTV inventory and works via programmatic guaranteed.