Appoints Helmut Ramak Head of Marketing

Utrecht, Netherlands—July 26, 2019—Expanding its global marketing and design services, ODMedia Group—the Dutch content services and processing company for on-demand media—announced today it has taken over the activities of Benelux branding firm effiecient. Additionally, Helmut Ramak, CEO of effiecient, will now serve as Head of Marketing for ODMedia Group.

“This is a huge addition to our team. Not only are we welcoming a truly talented group of branding veterans to our team, but we are doubling our marketing and design capabilities of our in-house creative design agency Deck40 to serve our entertainment customers worldwide even more,” said Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO of ODMedia.

Today’s news further strengthens ODMedia Group’s worldwide reach and follows the company’s recent expansions in Germany and the UK. Over the last 12 months, ODMedia Group has experienced substantial growth and opened additional subsidiaries not only in Germany and the UK, but also in Belgium, Scandinavia, Spain and South Africa.

“Now we can combine our accumulated expertise to better serve our customers in this increasingly challenging, but still alluring, entertainment market,” added Helmut Ramak, Head of Marketing for ODMedia Group. “In my new role, you will hear a lot about our unique combination of technical and commercial support aimed at maximizing revenue. Onwards and upwards!”

Founded in 2004 by Sjef Pijnenburg, ODMedia Group has strategic partnerships with all the global OTT platforms and has been awarded ‘preferred partner’ status by iTunes and is a Netflix Preferred Fulfilment Partner, recognising its ability to provide one of the lowest redelivery rates in Europe. In addition to offering the full range of technical-delivery services, ODMedia acts as an aggregator for the major platforms, providing digital-rights management, monetisation, target audience development and cross-promotion. It also manages linear and non-linear channel playout for SVOD, AVOD and TVOD.

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