After a collaboration with ODMedia for more than ten years on a technical level, [PIAS] Comedy has decided to transfer the handling of her digital distribution activities to DOCO Digital, the distribution division of the ODMedia group and preferred aggregator of all the, major global VOD platforms. The YouTube channels of the comedians will also be managed by Expoza, the copyright and channel management division of the ODMedia group.

The catalogue of [PIAS] Comedy is one of the biggest collections of stand-up comedy shows worldwide. Among the artists, there are a lot of comedians from the Benelux, but also known international comedians, such as Jeff Dunham, Jimmy Carr, Jim Gaffigan and many others. Furthermore, [PIAS] Comedy has a collaboration with large American parties, such as Levity and Nacelle. [PIAS] will also continue to be an important supplier of comedy shows.

A substantial part of the catalogue is available for digital distribution worldwide.

Leo van Schaik, managing director of [PIAS] Continental Europe: “Given the developments in the market, we believed it was necessary to find a party which is further along and in a better position in the area of digital AV exploitation. We believe we have found a steady and reliable partner in ODMedia. We will keep investing in comedy rights and will keep hosting live shows, in collaboration with Mojo. I wish Sjef, Eric and everybody at ODMedia, DOCO Digital and Expoza good luck and I am sure we will share a lot of laughs in Utrecht.”

“ODMedia works with all the major platforms worldwide. In the coming years, we will also strengthen our local position by opening offices in, various strategic regions. We already have an office in Stockholm for Scandinavia and an office in Barcelona for Southern-Europe. In the next three years, we want to expand with another ten offices. In this way, we will be able to maximize the revenue for our clients even more,” according to Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO ODMedia.

The team of [PIAS] Comedy has been transferred in its entirety to ODMedia. This team will enrich ODMedia as a whole, with their specific expertise.

Eric Looge is one of those experts who has been transferred to ODMedia. He will run the comedy division at ODMedia. “After expanding the comedy department within [PIAS] for ten years, I am looking forward to continuing this at ODMedia. Because of the position of ODMedia in the AV landscape and the extensive team of specialists we can now use, I believe we can develop a lot of new possibilities for our comedians and that we can lift our service to a higher level. Of course I am still involved with [PIAS] in some way, because I am still responsible for the physical production, the [PIAS] comedy label and the international live shows that we promote.”

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