ODMedia, a leading European Video on Demand full service company, announced today that it has entered into a strategic co-operation with Microsoft to start using it’s Azure Cloud Storage and Media Services to complement ODMedia’s internal workflow and enterprise encoding system.

“Azure Cloud Storage proved to be the best choice for us to be able to sustain the necessary levels of security and flexibility towards our clients. Content libraries are essential to their business and ODMedia is the trusted party for secure archival and worldwide digital distribution of digital assets.’’ says Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO of ODMedia. “Azure is the first – and so far only – hyperscale, multi-tenant public cloud to successfully complete the MPAA audit, and therefore the logical choice for ODMedia”.

ODMedia’s enterprise encoding facility processes hundreds of hours of content every day and distributes content to over 80 countries and 200 platforms including cable operators, Video on Demand platforms and OTT solutions such as XBOX, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Sjef Pijnenburg: “Azure Media Services enables extended virtualisation and scalability of our facility. Furthermore, ODMedia has developed innovative media solutions since 2004 which we will bring to Azure, so Microsoft can benefit from this agreement as well”.

Mikkel Orheim – EMEA Business Lead of Azure Media Services: “We are very happy and proud of the new partnership with ODMedia, supporting them taking their highly successful media business to the next level and building this on our Azure Cloud services! The media industry is a strategic domain for Microsoft, and for us this agreement demonstrates that the innovation we bring to the market through Azure and our partner centric approach is the right strategy for winning this market!”

About ODMedia

Founded in 2004, ODMedia has established itself as an industry-leading partner in Video on Demand, content management, encoding and distribution. ODMedia provides a one-stop solution covering the entire video content value chain between content owners and IPTV/Cable operators, OTT platforms and broadcasters. Our services enable any form of Video on Demand, linear tv and catch-up tv.

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