We are proud to announce that we as ODMedia have been involved in a number of exciting Amazon Exclusive projects.

The first one being 'Comedy Club', a new comedy series including many famous Dutch comedians such as: Arjen Lubach, Guido Weijers, Henry van Loon, Jandino Asporaat, Ronald Goedemondt and Roué Verveer. It has been a very extensive process led by the production company NewBe. ODMedia took on the role of artistic director as per our comedy team lead, served as the technical partner and ensured subtitling was up to the high standards necessary.

We are proud to have also worked on the following titles with the technical delivery of the series:

In ‘Donnie op de Monnie’, we see the loveable Rapper Donnie, casually immersing himself in the lives of wealthy Dutch soccer stars, YouTubers, rappers, influencers, models, top entrepreneurs and musicians. He tries to find out what it really feels like to be rich and whether money does buy you happiness.

‘Dutch Wheels’, where the team of Absolute Motors takes their extraordinary team to all corners of the world creating, enhancing and pimping cars from celebrities. The sky's the limit, even if that means that they need to completely immerse a car in gold.

The third title, being ‘Over Grenzen’, is about the key role that the Netherlands and Belgium play within the global drug industry. In these series, we follow the battle between police units dealing with drug traffickers and the powerful underground cartels. Furthermore, it shows how this industry has penetrated into all layers of society.

These four series are currently all available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. We are very appreciative towards everyone involved and recommend checking it out now!