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Do you want your movie or series on the OTT platforms?

Do you want your movie or series on one of the OTT platforms?

ODMedia is specialised in content aggregation and works with all digital entertainment platforms such as iTunes (AppleTV), Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Roku, Plex and many other global platforms. We can be your commercial aggregation partner for your content deployment.

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Our services


We primarily act as a digital television and feature film aggregator. We handle the operational, editorial and financial processes for you with all leading digital platforms and retailers worldwide. This allows you to focus on your core activities while we maximize your revenues, effectively and cost-efficiently. Due to our established partnerships with Apple TV (iTunes), Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Roku, Pluto TV, Plex, Xumo and many others, we ensure maximum global availability of your content on all key platforms.


ODMedia has all the skills and resources to offer advice and consulting services. We help partners understand what is possible and how a thriving digital business can complement and support existing, traditional revenue streams. We also assist in developing and executing marketing and price strategies for digital release and ensure that titles receive as much exposure, both on and off store.


Are you searching for the one-stop solution besides distribution? At ODMedia, we can provide both the technical and commercial delivery to all leading platforms. We are a complete end-to-end service provider that can take care of everything on behalf of the rights holder/distributor in the exploitation phase of their content.

Curious or would you like to submit your content?

Curious or would you like to submit your content?