ODMedia’s “Ready – Play – Engage with European Films” project is realised with the support of the EU’s Creative Europe – Media programme.

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The “Ready–Play–Engage” project aims to improve the worldwide online availability and promotion of a selection of quality European AV works on the largest VOD-platforms. The project’s methodology is to take up a diverse selection of 24 titles that has a proven commercial potential, make them ready for worldwide online distribution in five main languages and the original language, publish the films on the most relevant channels and boost the visibility and consumption by targeted marketing and promotion.

The project is an experiment that aims to test two assumptions:
1) “worldwide distribution online could open up a large market of scattered film audiences, resulting in an overall high return on investment”, and
2) “worldwide online distribution of titles from low-production countries offers a relevant window for content owners against low costs”.

The project’s activities include the assembly and delivery of the titles in the catalogue, the digital distribution on the major VOD-channels and implementing specific marketing and promotion campaigns to improve the visibility for and consumption of the titles by the global audience.

The action will be measured and analysed, resulting in new insights on the effectiveness of worldwide digital distribution of this type of content. It is expected that the project leads to an improved supply and visibility of the titles on the targeted VOD services and an increased online audience and revenue, thereby proving the effectiveness of this new business model for the digital distribution of European films from mainly low-production capacity countries.

The project is implemented by ODMedia Holding B.V, proud owner of the brands ODMedia, Doco Digital and Expoza, respectively the first European full-service VOD-company, the largest platform aggregator in Western Europe and the leading YouTube service partner.

Distribution partners in this project are Beacon Isle Films for Norway, Concept Studio from Bulgaria, Eyewell, from Sweden, Incredible Film from the Netherlands, TV3 from Catalonia (Spain).

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